Grammar and spelling

Check grammar and spelling. Try by @m_grindy

Error Pages

Ensure you have 404 and 500 pages and that they work

Social Media

Provide links to your social media


Test all internal and outbound links. Tools like Dead Link Checker can help

Launch Marketing

List on Product Hunt

List on Product Hunt. Make sure you check what time it is using New products go live at Midnight PST. For a more controlled launch consider using Ship by Product Hunt

List on Beta List
List on Indie Hackers
Crafted Social Posts or can be used to schedule the posts if you're working alone.

Posting to News Sites

Using Show HN and Reddit can give a big boost if it catches the interest of readers.


Setup Uptime Monitoring

Downtime alerting is the difference between professional and coming back days later to discover your site isn't up

Setup Error/Bug Reporting

Get detailed stacktraces and alerts when your application fails. Options include, and

Setup Logging

A deeper view of what's going on in your application. Services like or can make this easier.

Setup a CDN

A CDN like can help improve page load and create a good experience even if backend servers go down.


Meta Tags

Meta Tags are part of making your site visible to search engines, options include

Page Title

Ensure that the Page Title includes your primary keywords.

Create a Sitemap

It can be submitted to various search engines to help them find and index your content.


Ensure that your robots.txt exists and is permissive.

Google Search Console

Submit your site to Google Search Console


Ensure site is W3C compliant. View on multiple browsers


Setup Basic Analytics

The industry standard in tracking

Setup Behavioral Analytics

Deeper understanding about your users using tools like or

User Experience

User Feedback/Support

Allowing your users to contact you using a tool like creates a great user experience


Frequently Asked Questions could easily fit into either Basics or SEO


Privacy Policy

Using something like is a good start

Terms of Use

Using something like is a good start

You can use the buttons below to export the incomplete tasks to your favourite todo tracking software. If your favourite isn't there (and they have an api), let me know and I'll try to add it.